Covid-19, Social Distancing and Self Quarantine

Written By: Lovell Diggins Jr

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing their best to stay safe and protect themselves from this Covid-19 virus that has not only gripped our nation, but the entire world. The call for social distancing and to self -quarantine has significantly changed the landscape of our lives and will most likely continue to do so for weeks to months to come. In the interim, we must do our best to find ways to occupy ourselves during this period of uncertainty. 

I’ll share with you some of the things I do to kind of mix things up and stay somewhat active during this period. One of my favorite things to do to relax is to smoke on a great cigar while sipping on some fine cognac. My wife and I in January took a trip to the Bahamas and during that visit I picked up a couple bottles of White Hennessy cognac and a few Cuban Cohiba Behike cigars, and I must say that they are a wonderful combination and now is certainly a perfect time to indulge myself. The White Hennessy has a light, fresh and smooth taste and is easy going down while the Behike has a very smooth and creamy taste with a great aroma. Yes, believe me I know that you simply can’t purchase either one of them here in the states, but if you ever get the opportunity to try them, do so, you’ll be glad you did.

Now that I’ve got your taste buds salivating and of course knowing that the White Hennessy or Cuban cigars are most likely not going to be available, I recommend you do what you do, and keep in mind that there’s plenty of other fine liquors and cigars available that could satisfy those cravings. I’ll make another suggestion only because I know what I like, try some Martell VSOP cognac with a Rocky Patel 1990 cigar. The Rocky Patel 1990 has a medium body, mildly sweet/smooth taste, while the Martell VSOP has a light yet smooth flavor that’s easy going down. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this combination as well.

I must say that I’m fortunate to be locked down with my wife because we have each other to communicate with and to engage in some friendly competitive activities like dominoes. I taught her the game a few years ago, but you would think at times that it’s the other way around. She’s actually pretty good so she kind of keeps me on my toes.

I just started to teach my wife how to shoot pool and having a table in the basement makes teaching her convenient. She has a lot to learn but is ultra-competitive, so I have no doubt that if she continues to play, she’ll be good at it as well.

We also happen to have a Bo flex treadmill in the basement that we’re on 2-3 times a weekly trying to stay fit. As I look back on the purchase of the treadmill, I at the time thought it wasn’t necessary to have, but oh how I appreciate it now, especially since planet fitness have closed their doors in order to assist in slowing down the spreading of the virus. Regardless of whether you have a treadmill or any other piece of workout equipment, develop some sort of routine to keep your body loose and your mind active, there’s plenty of suggestions online.

At the end of the day, my wife and I most of the time will find a good movie to watch before turning in. She’ll pop up a bowl of some pop secret popcorn and grab some beverages. Depending upon the temperature outside, I’ll turn on the fireplace to make it nice and toasty, then we get cozy on the couch, sit back and enjoy.

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