Cigars and Family By: Lovell Diggins

Over the Father’s Day weekend, I spent Sunday with family members on my wife’s side and I must say we truly had a wonderful time. The women decided to make the day special by preparing a variety of foods for the occasion, which included ribs, grilled chicken, potatoes, an assortment of vegies and deserts and everything was delicious.

After dinner, we all gathered in the dining room area where the fathers were presented with Father’s Day gifts and I must say that in my opinion, I received the best gift of all. On top of the Auturo Fuente Florfina cigar, I also received a bronze dragon cigar lighter that I’m still very much excited about today as I write this.

This bronze 6” tall dragon lighter is a real flame thrower, and has what looks like a gun barrel sticking out of it’s mouth in between it’s jagged and sharp teeth. The flame is adjustable to where it appears to shoot 5-6 inches beyond the end of the barrel. This was perfect timing because I had just presented to the other fathers my private label cigars and we eventually made our way outside to partake in an after-dinner smoke.

These private label cigars are hand rolled with a Dominican binder & filler with a Connecticut wrapper and have a smooth and mild flavor, and are an excellent way to relax after dinner. I complimented my smoke with a glass of Hennessy cognac as others choose their drinks of choice.

My private label cigars of which a friend suggested I call “LD’s”, burn very evenly and last about an hour without a harsh taste in your mouth that we know some cigars can do, but not the LD’s.

If you enjoy a smooth and mild cigar and you’re in the Toledo, Ohio area, I suggest you try one of my LD’s. I’m sure you’ll find them as pleasant of a smoke as I do, but if you want something a little more robust, I can assist you with obtaining any type of cigar you desire and save you some money in the process because I don’t have the brick and mortar expenses, so I’m happy to pass those savings on to my customers, so please give Diggs Fine Cigars a try.